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Who wouldnt love 15 minutes at an exhibition – trade show with a potential customer, long enough to deliver a sales pitch?

Attracting potential new leads to visit your trade show stand is the easy part ~ But how do you keep them there long enough to have a meaningful conversation about your services or products? At London Shoeshine we have the answer… A FREE shoeshine!

Whilst your “prospect” is enjoying a well earned break and shoeshine at your stand, our highly trained staff of London Trade Fair Events can collect their business cards as “payment” and your Sales Team can conduct a relevant survey or deliver a “soft sell” approach in a totally relaxed atmosphere. At the end your potential customer leaves your space feeling pampered and invigorated and you will have a potential “lead” to follow up at a later date!  

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London Trade Show Events

The Qualified Lead

As a trade show exhibitor, you may find that despite your best efforts, it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall and generate meaningful leads. It seems people are coming to your stand but they don’t stay long enough for you to deliver your sales message. Traditional lead collection methods can be time-consuming and unreliable, leaving you feeling uncertain about the return on your investment. However, there is a solution that can help you overcome these challenges

At London Shoeshine, we create unique marketing opportunities by offering a London Trade Fair Events service that will keep customers “captive” whilst your sales team pitch your product in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Our trade show marketing method

A Captive Audience

Providing you with fifteen minutes of undivided attention for your product or service. 
Our trade show marketing packages are great for clients looking to attract quality leads and traffic to a particular space at an event or conference, or for clients looking to attract attention or raise awareness to a particular brand or product. Includes extra marketing opportunities.
At London Shoeshine Trade Fair Events we specialise in providing WORLDWIDE event and trade show exhibition support , helping our many varied clients to build traffic around their stand/space and generate leads in this highly competitive industry. Our attention grabbing shoeshine chairs create excellent “dwell time”, providing opportunities to convert visitors to the stand into New Business Leads! Join our client list that includes Alfred Dunhill, Prada, Bally of Switzerland, Louboutin, Moneycorp, Swatch, Radisson Blu, Starwood Hotels, and our regular partner Ted Baker of London. 

Our Clients Say...

Makes the most of leads visiting your stand

Rated 4 out of 5
June 20, 2023

For anyone looking for a novel way to generate leads at conferences then I highly recommend you consider Jock and the London Shoeshine team. Extremely professional and they work well with clients – enabling you to make the most of leads visiting your stand.

Kevin Thompson - Director Munix Ltd
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